NJ LCADC/CADC Mandatory 3-Hour Legal Standards Workshop



If you are in your initial biennial L/CADC renewal period (meaning you were first issued your L/CADC between 08/01/22 – present), then you ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE! People in their initial biennial renewal period are required to attend a 6-hour legal standards workshop, which is NOT this workshop! This workshop is for those L/CADCs who have already taken the mandatory 6-hour workshop in their initial biennial renewal period and are now required to take a 3-hour legal standards continuing education workshop every subsequent renewal period. NJPN provides the initial 6-hour training. Again, this 3-hour legal standards training is for those L/CADCs who are past their initial biennial renewal period, and need the mandatory 3-hour legal standards training required during each ongoing renewal period.
Here is the licensure regulation that speaks to this requirement: 13:34C-5.2 Continuing Education Contact Hour Requirements. (page 40)
d) All licensees and certificate holders shall complete at least six required contact hours of a Committee-approved continuing education course in legal standards related to the practice of alcohol and drug counseling in New Jersey during the initial biennial period. Beginning August 1, 2018, for each biennial period after the initial biennial period, all licensees and certificate holders shall complete at least three required contact hours of a Committee approved continuing education course in legal standards related to the practice of alcohol and drug counseling in New Jersey.

July 12, 2024. 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. Eastern Time Zone (Live, Interactive Webinar)


Workshop Overview

This course is a continuing education requirement for all LCADCs/CADCs every 2-year renewal period. N.J.A.C. 13:34C-5.2(d) requires that all LCADCs and CADCs complete 3-hours in legal standards training. Advanced Counselor Training, LLC (through approved training provider Glenn Duncan) is approved by the ADC Committee to provide this 3-hour workshop.  The goal of this interactive workshop is to present the latest changes and most important component pieces of the NJ LCADC/CADC Laws and Regulations, by focusing on the major elements of NJ’s LCADC/CADC laws, regulations and the Uniform Enforcement Act. Legal areas include scope of clinical practice regarding supervision (including 2019 changes and 2021 proposed changes to virtual supervision), ADC telehealth and telemedicine regulations (proposed in 2021), and NJ Uniform Enforcement Act changes (including 2021 changes). We will also cover other relevant LCADC/CADC Legal Standards.

Course Objectives

  1. 1.Workshop participants will be able to differentiate the major elements necessary to be a qualified supervisor according to the NJ LCADC/CADC licensure regulations.

  2. 2.Workshop participants will be able to identify NJ LCADC/CADC licensure regulations for sexual misconduct and harassment.

  3. 3.Workshop participants will be able to identify at least 3 of the telehealth/telemedicine NJ LCADC/CADC regulatory categories.

  4. 4.Workshop participants will be able to identify at least 3 of the NJ Uniform Enforcement Act Duty to Report components.


Workshop Date

July 12, 2024 (Live, Interactive Webinar)
Workshop hours: 9:00 a.m. – 12 p.m. Eastern Time Zone

Registration Information:

July 12, 2024 Brochure

Register for July, 2024

Future Workshop Date

November 1, 2024 (Live, Interactive Webinar)
Workshop hours: 9:00 a.m. – 12 p.m. Eastern Time Zone

Registration Information:

November 1, 2024 Brochure

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SPECIAL 2026 Workshop Date

July 31, 2026 (Live, Interactive Webinar)
Workshop hours: 9:00 a.m. – 12 p.m. Eastern Time Zone

Registration Information:

July 31, 2026 Brochure

Register for July 31, 2026
NOTE: THIS IS FOR THE NEXT RENEWAL PERIOD (2024 – 2026). Yes you read this correctly. THE VERY LAST DAY OF THE 2024-2026 LICENUSRE RENEWAL PERIOD. Nothing more EXHILIRATING than meeting your LCADC legal requirement on the last day legally possible! Just be happy this is being offered at 9 a.m. instead of 9 p.m.!! And yes I did consider 9 p.m. … well 8:59 p.m. to be precise.

Credentialing Information:

This course is approved for 3 NBCC Clock Hours (LPC, LAC, LCADC, CADC, LMFT, LAMFT, LSW, LCSW) of continuing education (NBCC Provider #6532). This training is NBCC approved, which is an approved provider of LCADC/CADC continuing education. NBCC is an approved continuing education provider for all the licensures listed above. Please consult your licensure regulations (continuing education section) to verify this.

How do I obtain my certificate of completion in a Webinar World?:

Certificates of completion will be awarded at the end of the workshop day to participants who meet our requirements. We will determine conference attendance through Zoom logs (as Zoom tracks when people enter and leave a conference), ensuring participants were attending during the entire conference. NOTE: You must use your own computer, if you and an office mate are attending the conference, do not surf off somebody else’s monitor because Zoom will state you weren’t in attendance. Your fillable PDF workshop evaluation will be emailed to you prior to the conference. Please fill out this evaluation and email it back to us at the same email address that sent you the evaluation. PDF Certificates of completion will be emailed to participants within 48 hours upon the return of the workshop evaluation.

Cancellation/Reimbursement Policy:

Valid requests must be received in writing/email within seven (7) days of course date. Late requests for this 1 day workshop can only bring in a substitute attendee or receive credit for a future workshop date. All refunds are subject to a $15.00 processing fee. If paid by credit card, an additional $3.11 fee will be assessed to cover the cost of PayPal processing charges on credit cards. Refund requests require 2-3 weeks processing time and will be issued as either a credit card reimbursement or by check.

Privacy Policy:

Advanced Counselor Training keeps all information private. None of your information will go out to any other vendors, marketers, or other 3rd party applications or programs. On-line sign-up is done via a secured, encrypted server and any hard copy information sent to Advanced Counselor Training is stored in a locked, secure location.

Grievance Policy:

Valid grievance requests must be received in writing/email within ten days of workshop date, or can be provided in person directly after the workshop. Every attempt will be made to resolve a grievance with a complainant at the time of the grievance. Advanced Counselor Training’s social work consultant will be involved in all grievance resolutions for social workers. Should this not be resolved, the complainant will be provided further grievance procedures to follow including contacting the Licensed Professional Counselor Committee at the Division of Consumer Affairs at (973) 504-6415, and/or contacting NBCC at (336) 547-0607, to report the nature of the unresolved grievance.

Disability Accommodations:

If you need any accommodations due to a disability, please contact Advanced Counselor Training, LLC upon registration to the workshop. We can be reached at 732-544-2189 or via email at info@clinicalsupervisor.net.

PARENTAL ADVISORY NOTICE: This Workshop Series Presenter runs a PG-13 Conference. Random cursing has occurred in the past. The presenter does his best to use outdated curse words that you have to Google to understand their meaning, like “tarnation” and “dagnabbit”. So, if you think a “muckspout couldn’t teach a hen to cluck” or if you find current curse words offensive … then DO NOT ATTEND!

DISCLAIMER: Management is cautioning that if offense occurs to you due to random (tier 2, not the really bad) curse words, then it is possible this is NOT the workshop for you. Caution! Presenter has sharp edges. This can be a very boisterous presentation. Laughing and learning has been shown to have certain side effects in less than 1% of the population. Side effects include professional confusion from laughing and learning, and mild to moderate irritability in some users. In rare instances it can lead to severe reactions, such as wanting to contact the authorities. If any of these have occurred previously, take immediate actions that may include, but not limited to, not attending this workshop/conference series! A good sense of humor is required in order to attend. You know your humor limitations; this presenter DOES NOT!

Previous Workshop Feedback:

I know what you’re thinking … a webinar? Really? Yes, and I solemnly swear to do my best to not make this a snooze fest! Here is recent feedback from webinars:
“This course was packed full of information and resources that I will be putting into use in my professional work! Glenn is incredibly knowledgeable. His use of humor and vulnerability added greatly to this value of the course by making the information very relatable! I would recommend this course to anyone who asks (or even those who don’t)!” – April, 2024

“Glenn is always very engaging, extremely knowledgeable, and creates such an open, interactive training space. Thank you!” – February, 2024

“I truly appreciated this course. Most engaging and thorough ethics and legal issues course I’ve ever completed in 15 years since I began working.” – November, 2023

“I am thoroughly satisfied with this workshop. I don’t think I’ve laughed out loud so much in a workshop and looked forward to attending on subsequent days after the initial session. Excellent—and I’ve been to decades of trainers! I have attended supervision courses before and was a bit apprehensive that it would be repetative or boring, or both. I am so relieved that I learned new information.” – September, 2023

“This course was so well done! I was very impressed with Glenn’s method of delivery. Who knew a PowerPoint presentation could be enjoyable? Glenn utilized so many different sources of solid information to support his presentation, his sense of humor, and old school radio DJ voice really made the information communicated a great learning experience.” – July, 2023

“I love Glenn’s presentation style – it is always engaging, time flies by and I receive a ton of information!” – January, 2023

“This was the best course I have had during my entire 30 year career. Hard not to pay attention since I was laughing the through most of it. Great sense of humor while presenting this material. Easier to learn when the instructor is presenting in this fashion.” – October, 2022

“Glenn did an incredible job presenting the information in a way that was interesting and engaging. It will certainly be helpful in my everyday practice. I would attend any trainings done by Glenn. Zoom trainings can be daunting, and often I end up multitasking, but i paid attention during the entire full day training.” – October, 2022

This entire workshop was beyond my expectations!! I learned so much valuable information and was engaged throughout the entire presentation. Glenn Duncan should be the only one allowed to teach this course, as he can knowledge beyond his years. I wish Glenn Duncan could be every professional’s supervisor, as he is spot on. I love the information displayed during our breaks.” – July, 2022

“Glenn is simply one of the most knowledgeable and effective teachers I have ever encountered. He is brilliant, his knowledge is pertinent and up to date and he is so funny that your mind never has a second to wander. I learn so much when I take one of his workshops.” – July, 2022

“The presenter to made the content of a Legal Standards course very interesting and he used his LPC & LCADC as examples. The presenter had a great sense of humor too. He made this course so informative and presented it in such a way that I didn’t want to miss a word of what he was saying. I enjoyed it so much more than I expected to and I will look for all courses he teaches.” – June, 2022

“The most useful part of this course was the combination of comprehensive information, and how it was delivered. Glenn was enthusiastic and informative. He had endless informative examples and was ready to answer any questions that came up.” – April, 2022

Glenn presents the material in a knowledgeable way and provides amazing clarity to guidelines that can be confusing. I always look forward to his trainings and find them highly applicable. He is also approachable to ask questions and I feel individual needs are met in addition to the basic training material.” – February, 2022

“Glenn is literally the best instructor ever as he effectively uses his sense of humor and knowledge so that i actually retain the information. He keeps me very interested in the subject matter.” – November, 2021

“I chose this [Harm Reduction] course because it’s a topic to which I have a very visceral reaction and I wanted to challenge myself. I’m so happy that I did challenge myself. I realized that I thought I knew what encompasses harm reduction, but having more education about what good harm reduction means was a real game changer.” – August, 2021

“Glenn presents the material in a way that is easy to understand. He is very entertaining which helps to keep my attention. I would rank him as one of the best presenters ever.” – June, 2021

“I’ve been licensed since 1998, and this was the most informative and entertaining workshop I’ve attended!!” – March, 2021

Workshop Timed Agenda:

8:30 am – Zoom webinar opens for attendees to enter, workshop begins at 9 a.m.

    9 am – Regulations vs. Statutes (30 minutes)

  • A. Statutes vs. Regulations.

  • B. Alcohol and Drug Committee (ADC) Clinical Supervision Regulations (updated changes from 2019) along with the proposed virtual supervision changes (potentially in 2022).

  • C. How to find changes and/or updates in licensure regulations and laws.

  • D. Discussion of top violations of licensure regulations and laws.


  • 9:30 am – The Uniform Enforcement Act and Impairment (45 minutes)
  • A. Overview of the Uniform Enforcement Act 2021 revision.

  • B. Section 37 of UFA regarding Duty to Report.

  • C. Section 21 of URA regarding Refusal to License or Renew, Grounds.

  • D. Small group exercise on UFA.


    10:15 am – Sexual Misconduct and Harassment (15 minutes)

  • A. Sexual misconduct and harassment regulations.

  • B. Different licensure regulations and ethical regulations on sexual misconduct and harassment.


  • 10:30 am – (15 Minute morning break)
    10:45 am – Duty to Report (15 Minutes)
  • A. 13:34C-3.4(a) Duty to report others.

  • B. 13:34C-3.4(b) Duty to report self.

  • C. 13:34C-3.4(c) Duty to respond.


  • 11 am – New ADC Telehealth/Telemedicine Rule (30 minutes)
  • A. Overview of the ADC Telehealth/Telemedicine rule proposal and eventual adoption.

  • B. Specific covering Telehealth regulation 13:34C-7.3 Standard of care.

  • C. Specific covering Telehealth regulation 13:34C-7.7 Prevention of fraud and abuse.


  • 11:30 am – Clinical Supervision (30 minutes)
  • A. Changes to ADC clinical supervision regulations.

  • B. Clinical supervision of counselor interns.

  • C. Clinical supervision of credentialed interns.

  • D. Clinical supervision of CADCs.


  • 12 pm – Question and answer period, instructions on how to obtain PDF of certificate of completion.

$75 Early Registration per workshop day (by 06/28/24 for July 12, 2024)
$90 Late Registration per workshop day (from 06/29/24 – 07/10/24 for July 12, 2024)
$75 Early Registration per workshop day (by 10/18/24 for November 1, 2024)
$90 Late Registration per workshop day (from 10/19/24 – 10/31/24 for November 1, 2024)
$75 Early Registration per workshop day (by 07/17/26 for July 31, 2026)
$90 Late Registration per workshop day (from 07/18/26 – 07/29/26 for July 31, 2026)

Target Audience:

Substance Use Counselors, Clinical Directors, Professional Counselors, Social Workers, DMHAS Licensed Facilities and Case Managers, LCADCs, CADCs.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Which licensures are these clock hours approved for?

This course is NBCC approved thus it is good for LPCs, LACs, LCADCs, CADCs, LMFTs, LAMFTs, LSWs and LCSWs. Social Workers you also accept NBCC approved courses as per your continuing education licensure regulations: 13:44G-6.4(c)(12) SOURCES OF CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS AND CREDIT-HOUR CALCULATIONS (page 19).

2) Will this workshop count towards the 3 hours needed for NJ LCADCs/CADCs in Legal Standards?

Why yes that is exactly the purpose of this workshop! Glenn Duncan has been teaching legal and ethical standards in the substance use field since 1999. Glenn is currently certified as a mandatory legal standards class trainer (Certification Board #003). I wanted #007, but alas … oh well the way I understand it is all the double O’s are lethal weapons.

3) Will this workshop count towards the one-time 6 hours needed for NJ LCADCs/CADCs in Legal Standards during their first renewal cycle?

NO! There is a separate 6-hour requirement for LCADCs and CADCs after their initial licensure (before one does their renewal of their brand new licensure/certification. After your first LCADC or CADC renewal you are required to take this 3-hour legal standards training every additional renewal cycle. NJPN runs this 6-hour workshop.

4) Will this workshop only be held as a live, interactive webinar?

The pandemic has shown us that live, interactive webinars provide us with the ease of being able to do continuing education remotely. We plan to go back to offering these workshops in both interactive webinar and live workshops formats. However, we will only do go back to live workshops when it is safe to do so, and when we feel enough people would support coming out to a live in-person workshop.

5) If the workshop is presented in both a live, interactive webinar and as an in-person training, will this workshop be offered in a hybrid fashion (e.g., open to either those attending in person or via webinar simultaneously)?

No! We currently do not have approval for the hybrid format, nor are we seeking approval for the hybrid format. Therefore, the entire workshop must be taken either as a live, interactive webinar or as an in-person live workshop, and will only be offered as such.