Meet the Staff

Glenn Duncan LPC, LCADC, CCS, ACS has been working in the behavioral healthcare field for 30 years. He has lectured nationally on many topics including clinical supervision. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Licensed Clinical Alcohol/Drug Counselor, a Certified Clinical Supervisor, and an Approved Clinical Supervisor. Glenn is currently the owner of Advanced Counselor Training, LLC.  For 15 years (2003-2018) Glenn served as the Executive Director at Hunterdon Drug Awareness Program, Inc. Responsibilities included the fiscal turnaround of Hunterdon Drug Awareness Program, from an organization heading for bankruptcy and being over $100,000 in debt to being the premier regional outpatient treatment facility staffed with the highest quality clinical, prevention and administrative staff. When Glenn retired from this organization on 08/31/18, the organization had $250,000 in operating reserve and was as clinically and fiscally stable as it ever had been since its inception in 1977.

In his current role, Glenn continues to see clients privately in addition to providing clinical supervision for the Administrative Office of the Courts in NJ.  Glenn specializes in working with clients who have co-occurring substance use disorders, depressive disorders, and anxiety disorders. Glenn served as an expert panel member for a SAMHSA TIPS book on treating sub-acute anxiety in the substance using population. He also speaks nationally on the ASAM-3 Criteria as a trainer for ‘The Change Companies’.

Since 1999, Glenn has also specialized in, and has developed, a customized clinical supervision workshop series that ranges from 24 to 45 hours, depending on the licensure requirements of a given state. He is a leading lecturer for both addictions and mental health professionals regarding clinical supervision. He developed and taught his clinical supervision curriculum for Rutgers University, the New Jersey Prevention Network, as well as privately with his own organization. He has consulted with organizations on how best to enhance their supervisory policy and procedures, and implement best practice strategies. Glenn authored a chapter on the use of live supervision in a community treatment organization for the book entitled “The Use of Technology in Clinical Supervision and Training: Mental Health Applications,” published in 2016.

Glenn is a national expert on emerging drugs of abuse and emerging trends with existing drugs. He has consulted both locally in New Jersey and nationally with authorities on both the State and Federal levels. His presentations on emerging drugs of abuse have been used by officials in Illinois, Delaware, New Hampshire, and has been used by DEA officials for training purposes. Glenn presented on emerging drugs of abuse at the National Conference on Addiction Disorders in Orlando, Florida, the Governor’s Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse in New Jersey, Rutgers University as well as privately with his own organization. As an extension to Glenn’s research in this area, he has developed a focused one-day workshop on issues surrounding medical and legal marijuana; topics which includes a historical perspective, policy and employment issues, many practice related issues and a ‘Dr Seuss’ perspective on this issue.

When you see any workshop on this website that does not specifically state who the instructor is, it will be Glenn presenting that conference. Now for the disclaimers. Glenn Duncan works blue, and uses humor when teaching. This is widely seen as positive as you can see in the feedback throughout this website. However, for a few, it is not a positive experience. So here we go:

PARENTAL ADVISORY NOTICE: This Workshop Series Presenter runs a PG-13 Conference. Random cursing has occurred in the past. The presenter does his best to use outdated curse words that you have to Google to understand their meaning, like “tarnation” and “dagnabbit”. So, if you think a “muckspout couldn’t teach a hen to cluck” or if you find current curse words offensive… then DO NOT ATTEND!

DISCLAIMER: Management is cautioning that if offense occurs to you due to random (tier 2, not the really bad) curse words, then it is possible this is NOT the workshop for you. Caution! Presenter has sharp edges. This can be a very boisterous presentation. Laughing and learning has been shown to have certain side effects in less than 1% of the population. Side effects include professional confusion from laughing and learning, and mild to moderate irritability in some users. If any of these have occurred previously, take immediate actions that may include, but not limited to, not attending this conference! A good sense of humor is required in order to attend. You know your humor limitations; this presenter DOES NOT!

How will you know if this is you? If anything that was just said in that disclosure is something you would find offensive in a continuing education workshop, then this would mean you. If you don’t heed this warning, and attend anyway, it will likely lead to a range of these possible reactions; from the ‘mildly offended’ to the ‘he must be stopped!’

“The presenter’s style was too aggressive and I would not take another workshop with him.” – May, 2022

“You think you are funny but you’re not. It was cringeworthy and I am embarrassed for you.” – October, 2019

Or this gem:

Becoming so upset that you feel I must be stopped, and my licensure must be removed, leading you to report me to the licensure committee. Because apparently my humor presents a clear and present danger to the safety and welfare of the public, and a clear threat to the integrity of this field. Yes, this actually occurred. No, it didn’t work. – January, 2021.

There you have it, my full disclosure. If you feel attending a workshop would cause any range of these types of reactions, then let’s save both you and I the trouble, and the trauma, and don’t attend. The beauty is you don’t have to attend, and you can justify not attending by saying my workshops are too expensive. That will gracefully allow us to never have an uncomfortable experience together.

Here’s my thoughts on my presentation style. People need to laugh. We do incredibly important, tough work, that is literally life and death at times. Having fun and laughing while receiving continuing education is a service I feel I can attempt to provide. ‘Entertaining and informing the troops’ is how I see what I do. Peace and love are my only intentions, but I won’t shy away from telling it like it is. So, after reading all this, if you want to see what all the hubbub is about, I would be honored to have you along for the ride! – Glenn

Glenn’s Education and Licensures/Certifications:

  • Monmouth University, B.A. in Psychology, 1988. Western Carolina University, M.A. in Clinical Psychology, 1992
  • NJ Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), since 1999 (LIC#: 37PC00095000).
  • NJ Licensed Clinical Alcohol & Drug Counselor (LCADC), since 2006, CADC 1999-2006 (LIC#: 37LC00120700).
  • Certified Clinical Supervisor (CCS) since 1999 (CERT#: 171).
  • Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS) since 2011 (CERT#: ACS01076).