Coronavirus Update


As we close in on 2 years shifting continuing education from in person to virtual, we will continue to monitor COVID variants and people’s desire to return to live, in-person workshops. We will also monitor the viability of live workshops, as we will be dipping our feet back to judge the interest in traveling and attending a live workshop vs. interactive live webinars. Advanced Counselor Training will be providing at least 3 trainings per year of each topic we provide (except in GA and AL where we provide 2 trainings per year). Based on participant feedback, we have decided to stay virtual throughout the first half of 2022. Basically the pandemic has shown people that they can attend live, interactive webinars with relative ease. For many it is extremely convenient to pop open your device, and attend a live, interactive webinar without the worry of traffic, COVID, or other concerns that could come with attending an in-person workshop. Thus we will continue to gage these conditions and continue polling attendees to see what is favorable moving forward. Our live, interactive webinars will use the Zoom platform. If you are good with proceeding in this current webinar format, then please feel free to register for a course today!

I know what you’re thinking … a webinar? Really? Yes, and I solemnly swear to do my best to not make this a snooze fest! Here is feedback from recent webinars:

“Glenn is literally the best instructor ever as he effectively uses his sense of humor and knowledge so that i actually retain the information. He keeps me very interested in the subject matter.” – November, 2021

“Glenn presents the material in a way that is easy to understand. He is very entertaining which helps to keep my attention. I would rank him as one of the best presenters ever.” – June, 2021

“Because it was a webinar, I really thought I might be able to get some work done. However, it was really interesting, organized and well done so I ended up paying attention to the whole thing.” – April, 2021

“I’ve been licensed since 1998, and this was the most informative and entertaining workshop I’ve attended!!” – March, 2021

“Glenn was engaging and very interactive. This was probably the best web based CE I have attended and I really appreciate how enthusiastic the presenter was to keep us engaged.” – September, 2020

“It is genuinely an informative delight.” – May, 2020

“The [webinar] presentation was humorous, engaging, and informative. The candid funny presentation kept me listening and connected, not bored and distracted! Thank you for that!” – May, 2020

“An amazing distribution of information!” – May, 2020 (and yes that is actual feedback from a webinar participant).


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We continue to look into other state supervision regulations for the purpose of expanding this conference to other regions. If you know that your state is in need of training and would like to see us come to your neck of the woods, or if there is another conference listed on this website you would like to see presented, send us an email at

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