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                              Legal Supervision Information for the
                                MI Licensed Professional Counselor

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Who is a "Qualified Supervisor"? - LARA R 338.1751, R 338.1754, R 338.1757 & 333.16109(2)

“Supervisor” means a licensed professional counselor who received training in the function of counseling supervision, as specified in R 338.1757.

“Supervision”, except as otherwise provided in this article, means the overseeing of or participation in the work of another individual by a health professional licensed under this article in circumstances where at least all of the following conditions exist:

  • The continuous availability of direct communication in person or by radio, telephone, or telecommunication between the supervised individual and a licensed health professional.
  • The availability of a licensed health professional on a regularly scheduled basis to review the practice of the supervised individual, to provide consultation to the supervised individual, to review records, and to further educate the supervised individual in the performance of the individual's functions.
  • The provision by the licensed supervising health professional of predetermined procedures and drug protocol.
A “supervisor” is an individual who holds a clinical license (i.e., LPC) to provide mental health counseling services obtaining at least 3 years of experience subsequent to holding the license and a licensed professional counselor shall comply with one of the following R 338.1757 Rule 7 requirements:
  1. For licensed individuals who were providing supervision on or before January 1, 2013, have training in the function of counseling supervision and have acquired at least 3 years of experience in counseling.
  2. For licensed individuals who began providing supervision after January 1, 2013, have acquired at least 3 years of practice in counseling and have completed training in the function of counseling supervision that complies with the requirements of subrule (2) of this rule.
  3. By January 2020, all new applicants shall possess the approved clinical supervisor credential (ACS) recognized by the center for credentialing and education.

Further Defining Parameters of Clinical Supervision Training - LARA R 338.1757

(Subrule 2) Training in the function of counseling supervision shall include both of the following requirements (both "a" and "b"):

(a) Include 1 of the following as specialized training, either:
(i) 2 semester hours of graduate credit in training in counseling supervision.
(ii) 30 contact hours of workshop training in counseling supervision.
(b) The specialized training specified in subrule (2)(a) of this rule shall include studies in all of the following topics:
  1. Roles and functions of counseling supervisors.
  2. Models of counseling supervision.
  3. Mental health-related development.
  4. Methods and techniques in counseling supervision.
  5. Supervisory relationship issues.
  6. Cultural issues in supervision.
  7. Group supervision.
  8. Legal and ethical issues in counseling supervision.
  9. Evaluation of supervisee and the supervision process.

Supervisor Responsibilities & Standards - LARA R 338.1757

(Subrule 3) Before the onset of supervision, a licensed professional counselor shall provide a supervisee with a written statement that addresses the licensee’s supervising qualifications, including how the licensee complies with the requirements in subrules (1) and (2) of this rule.

(Subrule 4) A licensee who provides counseling supervision shall keep ongoing documentation, including, but not limited to, performance and clinical notes, for each supervisee on the supervision being provided.

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Limited Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisee Responsibilities - LARA R 338.1754

In supervision, there are also some responsibilities for the Licensed Associate Counselor, regarding the supervisory relationship. They are as follows: Rule 4 (Subrule 3) An applicant shall submit a professional disclosure statement with an application for a limited license, as required under section 18113(3) of the code. The limited licensed professional counselor’s professional disclosure statement when provided to the client shall state that the limited licensed professional counselor shall practice under the supervision of a licensed professional counselor. In addition to the requirements under section 18113 of the code, the disclosure statement shall identify the licensed professional counselor who is supervising the limited licensed professional counselor’s practice.

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Information from this article was gathered from the following source
  1. Michigan LARA Regulations - Michigan LARA Counseling General Rules R 338.1751 - R 338.1757.
  2. Michigan Public Health Code - Definition of Supervision 333.16109.

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