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            30 CE Contact Hour Clinical Supervision Workshop Series
               helping the NJ Licensed Professional Counselor obtain
                the Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS) certification
     This training is also approved for the NJ LCADC to obtain the CCS

                     July 10, 11, 17 and 18, 2014
         Eatontown Sheraton, 6 Industrial Way, Eatontown, NJ 07724
                                NBCC Approved Provider (#6532)

Our March Michigan Conference SOLD OUT! Next MI Conference will be October 14-17, 2014!

What's New
April 21st, 2014
  • The July, 2014 workshop series is approved by the NBCC to help those who need to obtain their Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS) certificate. This workshop is also approved by the Certification Board of NJ, for those who need to obtain their Certified Clinical Supervisor (CCS) certificate. The CCS approval number is #301071814CS30. If you need one, the other or both, this is the place to be!

  • Online registration for the July 10, 11, 17 and 18, 2014 New Jersey Clinical Supervision Conference is OPEN! Click here to download the PDF of our brochure. Physical brochures were mailed out this week. For conference details, click here.

  • Our next 30 hour supervision conference in Michigan will be held October 14, 15, 16 and 17, 2014 at the Embassy Suites in Troy, MI! The PDF of our brochure for the upcoming October, 2014 supervision comprehensive program is now available by clicking here!

  • The March 5 - 8, 2014 Michigan clinical supervision conference SOLD OUT with over 40 Participants! Our July 2013 Michigan conference also sold out!

  • We have a NJ Conference FAQ Section and a Michigan Conference FAQ section to help answer the most commonly asked questions regarding the workshop.

  • Advanced Counselor Training, LLC is an NBCC Approved Provider (#6532) for both live and home study courses.
Discounts Available for the Clinical Supervision Conference: A discount of $45.00 per person is available for 3 or more registrants from the same organization for the 4 day clinical supervision conference.

On-site Trainings: An On-site full day workshop at your agency is $1,000 per day for the first 25 participants. For groups larger than 25, there is an additional fee of $20 per person (with the maximum cost of $1,500 for 50 or more participants). For a half day workshop, the cost is $500 for the first 25 participants. For groups larger than 25, there is an additional fee of $10 per person (with the maximum cost of $750 for 50 or more participants). For inquiries, contact or call 732-544-2189.

Clinical Supervision Workshop Information
Cost/programmatic comparison of different options either currently or previously available in Michigan and in New Jersey for LPCs to obtain supervision training:
  • Advanced Counselor Training (NJ & MI) - 30 Hour Clinical Supervision training - $595
  1. Training Institute for Helping Professionals - 30 Hour Supervision Course - $995
  2. The Mentoring Institute of Michigan - 30 Hour Supervision Course. - $999
  3. Michigan Association for Counselor Education & Supervision - $995 for their Fall, 2013 course ($1,200 after early registration ends)
  4. Eastern Michigan University 2 credit graduate level course - $1,334
New Jersey
  1. NJ Rutgers University - Institute of Addiction Studies (July, 2014) - $1,250
  2. NJ Institute for Training in Psychoanalysis - Clinical Supervision Program - $1,550
  3. NJ Richard Stockton College - 3 credit clinical supervision course - $2,182
  4. NJ Family Intervention Services - NOTE: This is a 20 hour clinical supervision training program. They provide additional 5 hour trainings separately from the 20 hour course. The LPC has to ensure that all these separate trainings meet the CCE's 9 ACS designated content areas (see below) - $350 for 20 hours of training, $100 for each 5 hour additional training. Cost total = $550
Note for NJ Participants: All 30 hour trainings cover the ACS designated content areas (see below). NJ requires that qualified supervisors complete the ACS (click this link for the ACS application). The ACS is a NATIONAL credential given by the CCE. Our trainings provide the required educational component, but there is an additional cost of $110 payable to the CCE to review your completed packet in order to obtain the ACS.

Requirements to obtain the CCEs Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS) certificate, if needed.
(The ACS or a 3 hour graduate level course in supervision is required for New Jersey. The ACS is NOT
required for Michigan. Michigan only requires 30 hours of clinical supervision training
in order for an LPC to be considered a qualified supervisor.
There are multiple steps necessary required by the Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE) for standard entry to Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS) certification. This NBCC approved 30 hour clinical supervision conference is just one component. Other components include:
  1. A) A graduate course in clinical supervision, OR B) A total of 30 contact hours of workshop training in clinical supervision;
  2. A masterís degree or higher in a mental health related field - application requires a submission of your transcript(s);
  3. Current status as one of the following: (a) NCC, (b) Licensed or Certified Mental Health Provider, or (c) Licensed or Certified Clinical Supervisor;
  4. Three years experience post masters (not post LPC, post masters); 1,500 hours counts as 1 year. Please Note: The LPC regulations require 3,000 hours post LPC in order to be eligible to start supervising others 13:34-10.2;
  5. Documentation of a minimum of 100 hours of clinical supervision of mental health services provided to supervisees (these hours can either be individual or group supervision and supervision of graduated students counts towards the 100 hours). An endorser has to verify your 100 hours of supervision (the frequency of meeting with this endorser/supervisor is not defined by either the CCE (ACS) or by the NJ DCA Committee. NOTE: The NJ DCA Committee will not accept your application to supervise an LAC if you do not already have your ACS (or 3 graduate credits in clinical supervision). If you have not already acquired 100 hours of supervising others, you have to gain your 100 hours with a supervisee other than an LAC (such as an unlicensed professional, a master's level student intern, or another LPC).
  6. A professional disclosure statement (an 11 part statement and self-evaluation, please see the ACS packet for details); and
  7. Completion and submission of the ACS application packet along with the fee to the CCE for $110.00. Please Note: Advanced Counselor Training is not associated with the CCE; we provide clinical supervision training that is accepted by the CCE as we are NBCC approved and covers the required areas needed by the Center for Counseling & Education.
These requirements for obtaining the ACS through the standard entry can also be found by clicking here (ACS application), as well as the eligibility requirements for alternate entry to the ACS certification. To see if you qualify for the alternate entry to obtain the ACS, go to the ACS application, page 6.

Additional Information Regarding the Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS) Certificate
This clinical supervision conference has been arranged by Advanced Counselor Training to help participants in obtaining the Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS) certification from NBCC/CCE. Participants are ultimately responsible for doing what is necessary to satisfy all the NBCC/CCE requirements to obtain their ACS, and participants are ultimately responsible to follow the Professional Counselor Examiners Committee of the State Board of Marriage and Family Therapy Examiners Standards necessary for being considered a "qualified supervisor". Please see our Supervision FAQ for important pieces of these regulations that pertain specifically to clinical supervision.

Our 30 hour conference will cover each required ACS designated content area, these areas include:
  1. Roles and functions of a clinical supervisor
  2. Models of clinical supervision
  3. Professional development
  4. Methods/techniques in clinical supervision
  5. Supervisory relationship issues
  6. Cultural issues in clinical supervision
  7. Group supervision
  8. Legal/ethical issues in clinical supervision
  9. Evaluation of supervisee competence and the supervision process
ACS Recertification Information:
  1. The 18 hours of continuing education must be specific to clinical supervision (as many as 9 of those 18 hours can be substituted with documentation of being supervised regarding your own supervision of others).
  2. The ACS can participate in workshops, seminars, or in-service training that involves clinical supervision.
  3. A certificate of completion is an acceptable form of verification.
  4. The cost of recertification is $35 per year to the CCE and the certificate renews every 5 years. Within that 5 year cycle you have to receive your 18 hours of clinical supervision workshop training and submit proof of the continuing education to the CCE.
  5. Click here for the CCE continuing education log to document your hours.
  6. Click here for the ACS continuing education guidelines from CCE.

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